Why Start a food blog, when there are so many out there?

Everyone has their own reasons for starting a food blog, ours started due to a health issue. Last April I got really ill, the doctors didn't not what was wrong and they still actually don't know what is going on. So in-between going to doctor's appointments I lost my way on my career path. I had been so successful in my early 20's I never stopped to think what if I couldn't do this anymore. I didn't have a back up plan. By no means is blogging my backup plan. My passion has always been food. I started collecting cookbooks at the ripe old age of 3. I still have that cookbook. So when the hopes of opening a bakery or even going to pastry school got dashed I decided I need a life change that could accommodate my new "lifestyle". I call it a "lifestyle" because no one knows what is happening to me so I can't call it an illness. So this little corner of the web is my way of keeping my foot still in the door in the food world. 

When I talk about "ours" or "we" often times Im referring to my family and friends. Most times Im referring to the two person team of HIP.  There will be times when I tag others in for a recipe or a post, so don't be alarmed I wasn't hacked. At least not yet. You never know these days. 


Beagles, shopping, reading, catalogs, Netflix, Hulu, and anything British. I love anything sweet, cakes, cookies, ice cream. Shrimp tempura is my all time favorite seafood dish. Salsa is my comfort food. I love sampling new flavors of things. Don't leave me alone with children's cereals. I know they are so bad and I have recently cut them out of my life but there is something so comforting about them.


Salmon, Tilapia, Oysters, Foie Gras, Broccoli, melons, msg, processed foods (new discovery which makes cooking sometimes a challenge), Internet bullies (which is why Im so hesitant to share myself with the internet before now)

If I could be any superhero:

I would be SuperAnimal Woman. I would save all the animals I could. I know you say silly you, you eat meat. I make a conscious effort to order my meats from companies like GoodEggs which ensures humane treatment of animals. The evil villain in my story is anyone who mistreats animals. Over the last two years I have been supporting an organization that helps Lab Beagles find homes after testing. My superhero figure was inspired by them. For info about ARME Beagle Freedom check out their website here

A little about HIP

Being fortunate enough to grow up in Hawaii and live in San Francisco we have gotten a great taste for food and the cultures that influence it. Here on the blog we will feature dishes that speak to us. We love trying new brands, new foods, and being silly. In certain recipes we are very specific with ingredients we use. It helps to stay as close as possible to get the best results. Sometimes you will wonder why an eight dollar stick of butter is necessary but trust us when we say its necessary. If there is ever a product you are unsure of, just ask. 

We enjoy good food and good booze and not necessarily in that order. We will share wine tastings, beer tasting, and cheese tastings. Our blog is always family friendly and hope that readers share the same courtesy will posting on our site. Please contact us at hauteinparadise@gmail.com. 

Look forward to chatting with all of you readers. 

<3 HIP 




We spend hours reading blogs and magazines these are some of our biggest influencers. Sometimes we will share quick posts that we found interesting. Stay on the look out because we always are. 











and some many more...