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Tomatillo Salsa - Family Favorite

Salsa has always been one of those things that I eat non stop. I can sit down at a table and not stop till I eat the entire bag of chips. I hang my head in shame but then remember it was worth it. When restaurants offer chips and salsa I always fill up on it before the meal makes it to the table. Just put the salsa on the table and no one gets hurt. 

This recipe is my go to favorite. It's so simple but tastes like its from a restaurant. It makes about 48 oz of salsa. After letting the salsa sit for 30 minutes I pour into glass jars. Placing a little tag and a bow make this a great little hostess gift. The best part is most of the ingredients are things you keep in your pantry and fridge. Everyone has their favorite brand of tomato sauce so check out the different options in the store and see how the recipe can really change. Rotel makes it more spicy. Whole foods version (used today) gives it a less salty flavor. Del Monte has a great version but hard to find.