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Apple Dumpling Gang

After becoming an avid blog reader I noticed I started to have what other's call blog envy. There were purses I knew I shouldn't buy, shoes I knew I couldn't afford and dream homes I had pinned on Pinterest that would never be mine. I started to see that same envy spill over into my food, even before I started blogging. There were cakes that were perfectly frosted, muffins with perfect domes, and doughnuts that were perfectly fried and I tried painstakingly to recreate them. One day I told myself I will get there. Having no formal training what so ever, it was going to be a day far from then. To be honest it will probably be a day far from now even. 

Birthday Cake

So this birthday was hard for me, it was an end of the era type of thing. IF I wasn't feeling bad enough Facebook has to go and be an ass and tell me here is what you were doing for the last decade on your birthday. The problem wasn't what I was doing it was that I had been on Facebook for longer than a decade. Seriously! 

Chocolate Cream Pies

Today's post started out with much higher aspirations. I was going to make something fancy and do amazing things with props and then life happened. The day called for something soothing. Some people eat soup to soothe their soul, I call your soup and raise you chocolate cream pies. The world needed something a little stronger, something with three types of chocolate and some coffee. Now when some of you make this, you will correctly make the instant coffee and only use a half a cup of it. Today called for the whole packet of instant coffee in 1/2 cup of hot water. I dare you to do it, you will thank me later. These are soft and pillowy cookies and when you get those bites of milk chocolate chunks the world will seem a little better. 

Tale of Two Fritter Breads

I have an deep passion for apple fritters. In Hawaii and San Francisco they are hard to come by. But before breaking out my deep fryer I thought making them into something a little easier for the morning routine. Yes, Im guilty of making a big breakfast almost every morning. I need sustenance to live. Doughnuts = Sustenance. Here is the conundrum...

Spiced Apple Cake

Some people love pumpkin spice lattes this time of year but we are obsessed with Pumpkin Pie Spice. We use it all year round to be honest. This cake is really simple and really puts this spice on display. Every time someone we know visits a new grocery store they bring us back a new brand of pumpkin pie spice. Some people collect snow globes, some collect spices. 

Strawberry Macadamia Nut Tart - My Take on Frangipane

I love French Pastry and all its long process glory. This tart is a labor of love and I recommend making this on a day that you have some downtime to hang around the house. Yes there are like five different recipes within this recipe and yes it might take you a little while but I promise you it is worth it. So the French have Frangipane which is a great almond cream that they use in pastries, tarts, cookies, we are going to do them one better. Introducing macadamia nut frangipane!