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Apple Dumpling Gang

After becoming an avid blog reader I noticed I started to have what other's call blog envy. There were purses I knew I shouldn't buy, shoes I knew I couldn't afford and dream homes I had pinned on Pinterest that would never be mine. I started to see that same envy spill over into my food, even before I started blogging. There were cakes that were perfectly frosted, muffins with perfect domes, and doughnuts that were perfectly fried and I tried painstakingly to recreate them. One day I told myself I will get there. Having no formal training what so ever, it was going to be a day far from then. To be honest it will probably be a day far from now even. 

Tale of Two Fritter Breads

I have an deep passion for apple fritters. In Hawaii and San Francisco they are hard to come by. But before breaking out my deep fryer I thought making them into something a little easier for the morning routine. Yes, Im guilty of making a big breakfast almost every morning. I need sustenance to live. Doughnuts = Sustenance. Here is the conundrum...