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Local Style Chili

Have you ever had one of those days where nothing went right. I got up bright and early and made a magical tofu scramble it was picture perfect as my friends and family would say. That was the last magical thing that happened. After I cleaned up breakfast I immediately started on what I thought would be today's post. Im not sure what happened but instead of a crumble I got a melty gooey mess. The insides of that first post were absolutely perfect. I had officially perfected it after years of trying, unfortunately the crumble topping  didn't crumble. So since I knew no amount of photo styling could make this dish look pretty. So I decided it's only 11 am on a Saturday I could make something else for today's post. Enter today's chili. I am a serious chili connoisseur. The funny part is though I hate beans. I will eat beans but beans just aren't my jam. If you look at my bowl after dinner I will have a bowl filled with beans left.