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Spicy Tomato Clams

Up until a few years ago I didn't eat most seafood. Aside from shrimp I hated anything that came from the sea. There is literally a story that gets bounced around at parties about the time I ate poke at a company christmas party and I turned green in the face. No kidding green in the face. So for me to be posting a recipe on clams means I've really grown and so has my palette. 

Grandmother's Portuguese Vinha d'alhos

Now those of you unfamiliar with Hawaii wouldn't understand the melting pot of cultures that makes Hawaii so special. Myself, I am blended with Hawaiian, Chinese, Portuguese, Welsh, and more. The list goes on and on. This is pretty much the norm, so it is not unusual to have Chinese comfort food for breakfast and Portuguese comfort food for dinner. This post is something special that we would have on Christmas. I loved it so much I started making it all the time. The difference is I made it a one pot meal versus a three day love affair like the traditional recipe calls for. The true test was making this for the "Aunties" of the family and didn't tell them I didn't marinade it for three days in fresh bathes of vinegar and garlic daily. Once they finished eating dinner one night I broke the news to them and they didn't believe me.

Miso Braised Short Ribs

I will pretty much braise anything at least once but my go to over and over again is shortribs. I love how tender it becomes after 3 hours of roasting in goodness. This recipe is so flexible I changed it all the time.