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Tomatillo Salsa - Family Favorite

Salsa has always been one of those things that I eat non stop. I can sit down at a table and not stop till I eat the entire bag of chips. I hang my head in shame but then remember it was worth it. When restaurants offer chips and salsa I always fill up on it before the meal makes it to the table. Just put the salsa on the table and no one gets hurt. 

This recipe is my go to favorite. It's so simple but tastes like its from a restaurant. It makes about 48 oz of salsa. After letting the salsa sit for 30 minutes I pour into glass jars. Placing a little tag and a bow make this a great little hostess gift. The best part is most of the ingredients are things you keep in your pantry and fridge. Everyone has their favorite brand of tomato sauce so check out the different options in the store and see how the recipe can really change. Rotel makes it more spicy. Whole foods version (used today) gives it a less salty flavor. Del Monte has a great version but hard to find. 

Apple Dumpling Gang

After becoming an avid blog reader I noticed I started to have what other's call blog envy. There were purses I knew I shouldn't buy, shoes I knew I couldn't afford and dream homes I had pinned on Pinterest that would never be mine. I started to see that same envy spill over into my food, even before I started blogging. There were cakes that were perfectly frosted, muffins with perfect domes, and doughnuts that were perfectly fried and I tried painstakingly to recreate them. One day I told myself I will get there. Having no formal training what so ever, it was going to be a day far from then. To be honest it will probably be a day far from now even. 

Chocolate Cream Pies

Today's post started out with much higher aspirations. I was going to make something fancy and do amazing things with props and then life happened. The day called for something soothing. Some people eat soup to soothe their soul, I call your soup and raise you chocolate cream pies. The world needed something a little stronger, something with three types of chocolate and some coffee. Now when some of you make this, you will correctly make the instant coffee and only use a half a cup of it. Today called for the whole packet of instant coffee in 1/2 cup of hot water. I dare you to do it, you will thank me later. These are soft and pillowy cookies and when you get those bites of milk chocolate chunks the world will seem a little better. 

Chocolate Caramel Crunch Biscotti

Since I was a child I had a weird obsession with biscotti, I never liked coffee really but I loved these often stale or crunchy cookie like things. Then enter David Lebovitz's biscotti recipe. Im pretty much obsessed with David Lebovitz and wondered if he had a recipe for biscotti and low and behold, he did. So I set out to make a version that everyone would love with our without coffee. Not to toot my own horn but boy did I succeed. I had been given a box of snickers and wanted to find a way to use them in my recipe development, so you can see where this is going. 

White Chocolate Raspberry Muffins and the great cupcake debate.

The other day I got into a heated "discussion" about the difference between a cupcake and a muffin. My friend stated if it had frosting that equals a cupcake, my other friend said if it had chocolate. My argument was all about the batter, they were mini quick breads, which meant the batter would be lumpier. The muffin even a little denser. I know this post will stir up a lot of heated comments, so please try these muffins then comment below.