Halloween Time

It's that time of year where I start pulling out boxes to decorate. This year Im in a new city so I don't have any decorations in San Francisco. I went online to find some cute decorations for a budget. Recently I discovered Wayfair.com its a go to place for great furniture and decor things. There are great pieces for tablescapes as well. With great sales all the time it makes a fun place to peruse and change your decor like you change your shoes.

Fall Shopping

With the weather finally starting to give up a little relief it is time to talk Fall Fashion. Living in SF and Hawaii my fall choices seem to be at one extreme to another. I do try to find pieces that I can use in both cities, but I have been known to wear a scarf in Hawaii and I get made fun of for it. I don't care I wear what I want, style haters be damned.